Just try to kill him, we dare you.
Just try to kill him, we dare you.

Name: Hamazura Shiage
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Male
Classification: Human
Age: Probably 16
Powers and Abilities: Skilled use in firearms tactics, limited precognition, can create afterimages
Weaknesses: Nothing notable
Destructive Capacity: Street level+, building level with explosives | Building level | Large building level (each Railgun shot can destroy a building)
Range: Several hundred meters with firearms
Speed: Above average human | Faster than the eye, 1050km/h while riding | Hypersonic (Mach 7), It was stated that it can fly alongside Academy City's jets.
Strength: Average Human | superhuman | superhuman
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Unknown pistol. During the World War 3 arc he used an AK-47 and rigged land mines which were set up to be thrown like grenades | Dragon Rider system | FiveOver system
Intelligence: Academically dumb but otherwise a genius tactician. Experienced with firearms and was able to defeat Mugino twice despite the ridiculous difference in powers.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Firearms: He's demonstrated that he's extremely proficient with firearms. He was skilled enough to take out several terrorists right after falling several stories from a helicopter.

- Dragon Rider Powersuit and Bike: A super bike with the maximum speed of 1050 km/h. The bike has a suit as part of its set, so that the rider can stand with the speed. Furthermore both the bike and the suit can respond to the user's thoughts or download information directly to Shiage's brain. As such he can instantly learn martial arts skills and the system even helps him to predict the enemy's moves several steps ahead.

- Five Over Powersuit: The FiveOver powersuit's primary weapon is a Gatling Railgun that can shoot over 4000 rounds per minute with greater power and speed than Misaka Mikoto's railgun shots. It has a pair of translucent wings which let it move fast enough to leave afterimages, and also help it fly. It also has bits of the Dragon Rider's computer system included in its own system, so it possible that it possesses the same ability to predict enemy movements that the Dragon Rider suit has.

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Key: Base Shiage | Dragon Rider | FiveOver