Name: ITEM
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Age: Likely a few years old
Classification: Agents of Academy City
Number of Members: 5
Leader(s): Shizuri Mugino
Center of Operations: Academy City
Technologies/Abilities: Bombs, Silicon Cards, Traps, Five Over, Dragon Rider, the ability to destroy matter on a subatomic level
Weaknesses: The leader Mugino can be extremely prideful and arrogant, also there has been internal discord in the team
Holdings/Authority: Nothing Notable
Finances/Industrial Capacity: Unknown
Affiliated Groups: The Academy City Board of Directors
Notable Members:

- Frenda (former)
- Hamazura Shiage
- Kinuhata Saiai
- Shizuri Mugino
- Takisubou Rikou

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Loses: