Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Age: Unknown, implied to be over a year.
Classification: Agents of Academy City
Number of Members: 4
Leader(s): Teitoku Kakine
Center of Operations: Various Buildings through AC.
Technologies/Abilities: Mind manipulation, creation of an unknown substance called Dark Matter, manipulation of multiple forms of energy via Dark Matter, able to twist the rules of physics, thus turning harmless natural effects into a dangerous threat, can randomly generate explosive force around himself, telekinesis-like effects, forcefield, flight, regeneration (High), immortality, use of Gun and Ammo
Weaknesses: None notable.
Holdings/Authority: Nothing Notable
Finances/Industrial Capacity: Fairly Large, they are one of AC's underground organizations and aren't hurting for Capital.
Affiliated Groups: Academy City
Notable Members:

- Teitoku Kakaine
- Measure Heart
- Sunazara Chimitsu
- Boy with Goggles

Notable OBD Victories: Notable OBD Loses: