The majority of the members of GREMLIN.
The majority of the members of GREMLIN.

Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Age: Under a Year, as they were formed due to the events of WW3
Classification: Magical Organzation(However they also use Science)
Number of Members: 16 Members
Leader(s): Othinus
Center of Operations: Unknown
Technologies/Abilities: Various Magical Abilities, also use Technology.
Weaknesses: None Notable
Holdings/Authority: Don't hold any Countries but sucessfully executed several worldwide events and hold several parts to sucessfully make a perfect copy of Gungnir.
Finances/Industrial Capacity: Unknown
Affiliated Groups: Influential Billionaire(although she is no longer one)
Notable Members:
- Othinus
- Thor (Former)
- Marian Slingeneyer
- Mjolnir
- Útgarða-Loki
- Sigyn
- Bersi
- Freyja
- Cendrillion (Former)
- Saronia A. Irivika (Former)
- Loki
- Jörmungandr
- Hel
- Fenrir
- Iðunn
- Sif

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