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Name: Roman Catholic Church
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Age: 2000+ years (almost 1000 years since the strife)
Classification: Global Religious and Magic Organization
Number of Members: 20 million+
Leader(s): Matthai Reese (former Pope), Petro Yogdis (the new Pope), Fiamma of The Right
Center of Operations: Vatican City State
Technologies/Abilities: Magic, divine protection, forcefields, citybusting spells, fate manipulation, mind manipulation, elemental manipulation, fleet of regenerating ice ships, Saints with superhuman stats, other broken abilities
Weaknesses: None notable
Holdings/Authority: Present in 113 countries around the world
Finances/Industrial Capacity: Unknown
Affiliated Groups: God's Right Seat, Thirteen Knights of the Roman Catholic Church, The Agnese Forces (Former)
Notable Members:

- Aqua the Back
- Agnese Sanctis (Former)
- Aureolus Izzard (Former)
- Angelene (Former)
- Fiamma of the Right
- Lucia (Former)
- Terra the Left
- Vent of the Front

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Loses:

Other: Not to be confused with its real life equivalent amongst the Christian religion.