Name: Curtana
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Type: Sword
Powers and Abilities: Dimension cutting, black holes
Destructive Capacity: City level+
Wielder(s): Carissa
Material or Element: It looks to be made of some sort of metal, but since It's a magical sword, It likely isn't made of any natural material.
Needed Prerequisite for Use: It can only be used Inside of England. Other than that, nothing notable.
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:

- Dimensional Blast: Curtana can slice dimensions and create something similar to black holes as a result (At 50% the sword can take down a city).

- Curtana Blessing: The sword can channel power to others, increasing all their abilities. This ability allowed a supersonic character to match someone who could move at hypersonic+ speeds.