FIVE_Over Modelcase_“RAILGUN”
FIVE_Over Modelcase_“RAILGUN”

Name: FIVE_Over Modelcase_“RAILGUN”, often referred to simply as Five Overs
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Classification: Powered Suit
Height: 5 meters
Mass: Several tons
Pilot(s): Hamazura Shiage and Silvercross Alpha, but can be left unmanned through use of an automated AI
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Use of another powered suit to connect to the Five Over's main system, relevant information on operating the mech is otherwise installed directly into the user's brain, none when unmanned
In use by: Academy City
Powered By: Unknown
Operational Timeframe: Unknown, but likely at least several hours (used in Academy City military operations and were active during the attack on Baggage City)
Destructive Capacity: Building level, can pierce multi-cityblock level+ durability with its shots (possesses a railgun superior to that of Mikoto's)
Range: 50 meters with gatling railguns, possibly higher
Performance: Subsonic (should be at least as fast as powered suits using Hard Taping)
Terrain: Air, Ground
Durability: Small building level, weaker powered suits such as the HsPS-15 are capable of withstanding impacts with the ground at speeds of 500 KPH as well taking direct hits from anti-tank missiles, armor is also impervious to all gunfire other than that of anti-tank rifles
Material: Steel
Lifting Strength: At least Class 1 due to sheer size, likely higher
Striking Strength: At least Class KJ, likely higher
Notable Features: Super strength, speed and durability, flight, radar and other sensors to detect threats and enemies, automatic downloading and installing of information into the user, regulation of brain functions and augmentation of reactions, calculation of most effective attack patterns in battle at a given moment, AI for unmanned use
Drawbacks: Built to target objects on the surface and therefore not intended to fight enemies moving at supersonic speeds at high altitudes, although they are at least capable of shooting down air-to-surface missiles

  • Gatling Railgun (fires at a rate of over 4000 RPM)
  • Shields x 2 (mounted on front legs)
  • Sickles x 2 (placed on the arms, can presumably be used as melee weapons)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Automated AI: When unmanned, the Five Over is operated through an automated AI, allowing it to be used in combat even without a proper pilot. The AI makes decisions in battle, giving priority to pre-given commands if necessary, and executes the actions and methods determined to be most efficient in regards to its objective. While in the midst of combat, it decides on what targets to prioritize by assessing the threat level of enemies. However, under automatic control, the Five Over's movements will be relatively simple and it will be incapable of executing minor adjustments and complex battle operations, as well as making it unsuited for delicate tasks.

Mobile Radar: The Five Over utilizes a number of different sensors to constantly scan the battlefield in order to detect threats as well as accurately carry out its objective. Its radar allows it to find and detect enemies even hiding or behind cover, as well as objects which can be used as weapons. However, sufficiently thick steel walls such as that of a bank's vault seem to be capable of obstructing its scanning ability.

Flight: Using the movement of the translucent wings mounted on its back, the Five Over can manipulate the air flow around it to create buoyancy, thus allowing it to fly or hover even within during a hurricane. The flight can be used to sweep over ground enemies from above like an attack helicopter, or to float over uneven terrain.

Information downloading: Not technically a function of the Five Over itself, but a use of the secondary powered suits used to connect to its main system. When in use, information on operating the powered suit and the Five Over are automatically installed into the user's brain temporarily. It allows them to utilize the suit and Five Over's full specs even without knowledge of how to use them, and the installed information is overwritten into the user's mind as if it were natural to them, like having learned to ride a bicycle. In addition, the suit's computer automatically calculates and executes the necessary actions to keep the user calm by applying electric stimuli and distributing the temperature of the brain, as well as reinforcing their senses so as to perceive and gather information normally even at high subsonic speeds. Knowledge and skills are also borrowed and downloaded into the user simply by thinking of it, such as the hand-to-hand combat skill, in addition to calculating the most effective attack patterns in combat automatically.

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