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Name: HsB-02
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Type: Fighter/Bomber Plane
Powers and Abilities: Hypersonic speed, flight mind impulse control, can convert the friction of the air to converse fuel (up to 90%), ability to fire a blade of molten iron sand
Destructive Capacity: Building to city level with Earth Blade (although if given enough time the plane is supposed to be even able to cut Eurasia in half)
Wielder(s): Academy City
Material or Element: Unknown
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Special pilot training to operate the jet
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:

- Super speed: The HsB-02 has the frightening top speed of over 7,000 km/h (~ Mach 6). Relying on this sheer velocity alone it's capable of out-speeding even the fastest interception missiles casually, making regular anti-air defenses useless. Russian pilots also noted that the plane can easily get 100 kilometers away and then back in a relatively short time.

- Bombs and Missiles: The HsB-02 Is equipped with various bombs and missiles not much unlike missiles on modern fighter jets in real life.

- Lasers: The HsB-02 has at least 10 laser guns placed all around the body of the fighter. The weapons cover every angle and thus allow the machine to fire from all directions or lock down on multiple targets at once.

- Earth Blade: In addition to its bombing capabilities, it also has an attack called "Earth Blade" which is used by accelerating iron sand into the vacuum left by the plane's speed to over 10,000 km/h. This can create a blade of molten metal and heated gas that is over 8,000 degrees Celsius. With only 3 kilograms of iron sand and an hour, it could cut the entire super-continent of Eurasia in two.