Name: Dragon Rider
Serial Number: HsSSV-01
Classification: Motor bike and power suit
Pilot: Hamazura Shiage
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Powered By: Unknown
Destructive Capacity: Small building level
Durability: Superhuman
Material: Unknown
Performance: 1050 km/h with motorcycle, likely faster than the eye with the power suit alone
Terrain: Ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Nothing notable
Special Forms: None
Weaponry: 2 x Fuel dump bombs (on the motorcycle)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Fuel Dump: The Dragon Rider can dump some of its extra rocket fuel to cause an explosion strong enough to blast apart another advanced powersuit.

- Information Download: The powersuit portion of the Dragon Rider can download information from the users mind to automatically perform actions that the pilot wants the suit to do.

- Information Upload: The powersuit can go through Academy City's computer database and tell the pilot how to perform complex martial arts moves by uploading information directly into the pilot's brain. It also gives the user the ability to know how to counter every attack that is directed at the user. With the above ability, it basically gives the user limited battle precognition. When Shiage used the suit, it predicted his enemy's actions several steps before the enemy actually made them.