Captain Falcon OBD

Name: Douglas J. Falcon/ Captain Falcon
Origin: Super Smash Bros Brawl and F-Zero
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Bounty Hunter
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, pyrokinesis, can throw up a forcefield to improve his durability, excellent fighter
Weaknesses: no ranged attacks, although he is often seen with a gun in his holster
Destructive Capacity: Large building level+ (not Galaxy, as the meme would have you believe)
Range: Extended Melee with Falcon Punch
Speed: Hypersonic+ (almost as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog)
Durability: City block level, likely higher when using his shield
Strength: Superhuman, striking force is 100+ tons, he was able to knock over a gigantic robot with a single punch and a bit of momentum
Stamina: Vastly Superhuman
Standard Equipment: None
Intelligence: Unknown
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Falcon Punch: Captain Falcon's signature move; a flaming punch that packs incredible power.

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Other: This covers the smash bros version, not the original, who was a mere racer, nor the anime version. For the composite version from other media sources, see this profile