See that blue guy in the background? Not a mecha. Don't get confused.
See that blue guy in the background? Not a mecha. Don't get confused.

Background Information

Heroic Age is an anime produced by XEBEC and directed by Toshimasa Suzuki. Although often considered a mecha anime, that classification isn't really accurate, because the actual mecha in the show don't play a very large role, and while the Nodos forms look like mecha, they aren't. There is a manga, but it is non-canon.

The story is about the Iron Tribe (humanity) and their conflict with the Imperialistic Silver Tribe and their servants, the Bronze Tribe.

The key to this conflict lies in the Nodos, five members of the Heroic Tribe (a race that nearly destroyed themselves in war, and were sealed within the bodies of other races to serve them by the nigh-omnipotent Golden Tribe).

The title is a pun, since the series is partially based off of Greek Mythology, and the Heroic Age is a period in classical Greek legends.

Of course the double meaning is that the main character is also named Age, and is, of course, heroic.

Standing in the Battledome

Heroic Age has some very impressive feats. Planetbusting is common, there are powerful psychics, and the Nodos themselves are practically indestructible as well as broken (intangibility, practically unlimited regeneration, time manipulation, creating dimensional voids, etc.)

Heroic Age is moderately popular in the OBD.

It's popularity would have been greater if it had not come to prominence around the same time as TTGL, when it was eclipsed by that show's popularity.

Still the verse is known in the battledome.

Character Profiles

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