Creative names like his are the reason SEGA is still making consoles.


Name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Classification: Anthropomorphic Fox
Age: 8
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, dexterity, intelligence, has two prehensile tails that are strong and fast enough to slice through metal and are incredibly versatile, can twirl his tails in order to fly at high speeds and altitudes, can enhance his running speed by using his tails as a rotor, can move underwater at great speeds by using his tails as propeller, the ability to utilize chaos energy, can manipulate the stats of himself, his allies and his opponents via various gadgets and equipment, can curl into a ball for a boost in speed and smash through enemies, can launch allies as electrically charged projectiles while flying, can move fast enough to create afterimages | All abilities are greatly enhanced, time manipulation, flight, can survive in the vacuum of space
Weaknesses: Is afraid of ghosts and lightning, relies on intellect and machinery over speed and strength, can tire himself out while flying at high altitudes.
Destructive Capacity: Multi continent level (can destroy robots and battleships as easily as Sonic and Knuckles can) | At least star level, likely much higher (is powered by a planet-busting energy source, is comparable to Super Sonic and Super Knuckles)
Range: Extended melee range via his tails, Thunder Shoot and certain weapons can reach several dozen meters, weapons of vehicles can reach dozens to hundreds of meters | Several hundred meters, possibly a kilometer
Speed: FTL (can catch up to Sonic, and was able to move at the same speed as him in Sonic Colors when Eggman temporally brainwashed him to turn against Sonic) | MFTL+ (is faster than base form, capable of catching up to Super Sonic and Super Knuckles)
Durability: Multi continent level (capable of tanking hits from other characters physically stronger than him, such as Knuckles or Rouge) | At least star level, likely much higher
Lifting Strength: Class 10 (capable of moving and dragging 10-tons in Tails' Skypatrol, this was when he was much younger and less experienced, so he's likely much stronger now) | Class Z
Striking Strength:
 Class NJ | At least Class XGJ+, likely much higher
Stamina: Superhuman, can run at high speeds for extended periods of time, though he tires much more quickly while flying
Standard Equipment: Tornado-1, Tornado 2, Cyclone, Miles Electric, Magic Hand, Energy Cannon, Big Hand, Rhythm Badge, Dummy Rings
Intelligence: Is a master engineer and has consistently rivaled Eggman, a man with an IQ of 300, in terms of intellect. An extremely capable inventor and mechanic. Designed many of his gears and equipment such as the Tornado airplane and its variants, the Miles Electric, and Extreme Gear. Is well-versed in science and physics, and can quickly come up with solid theories to how certain events will occur. Has constructed vessals capable of traveling between dimensions or withstand transdimensional interference. Can read and translate Binary and Hexadecimal language. Was able to create an exact copy of a Chaos Emerald to the point where Sonic was able to use Chaos Control with it despite it not being as powerful as a real one. Very proficient in driving and operating multiple vehicles including planes, cars, boats and even spacecrafts.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Tail Swipe: Tails' trademark attack. Tails performs a 360º spin while lashing out his twin tails to damage enemies.

- Super Tail Swipe: Charges straight through enemies with a Tail Swipe and continue running afterwards. Basically the Tail Swipe performed while running at high speeds.

- Rapid Tails Attack: A continuous version of the regular Tail Swipe attack. Tails performs a 360º spin while continuously lashing out his twin tails to damage foes.

- Tornado Attack: Tails does a 360º spin and attacks with his twin tails so quickly, that he forms air-currents around him, making him resemble a mini-tornado. Capable of breaking through metal barriers.

- Spin Attack: Curls into a ball and attacks any enemies and breaks through any obstacles along the way.

- Spin Dash: Curls into a ball and dashes forward at high speeds, ramming through any enemies along the way.

- Dummy Rings: Tails throws a bomb and, when it explodes, causes a number of false golden rings to appear that explode on contact with enemies, and can also paralyze them.

- Thunder Shoot: While in Fly Formation, Tails punts one of his allies at an enemy as electrically-charged projectiles.

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