My Sweet Passion


Name: Amy Rose, originally Rosy the Rascal, Eimi
Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Classification: Anthropomorphic Hedgehog
Age: 12
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, dexterity, very skilled acrobat, proficient hammer user, can hide and call out her hammers out from nowhere at will, can run fast enough to create afterimages, can temporally turn herself invisible except for her shadow and hammer, can curl into a ball for a boost in speed and to damage enemies, can perform a second jump by swinging her hammer downwards, can create tornadoes with her speed, can swing her hammer fast enough to create tornadoes, can generate pink shockwaves by smashing her hammer into the ground, able to heal her wounds by thinking about Sonic, can use tarot cards to predict the future and to curse others, can blow a kiss that empowers either an ally or herself, can use her hammer to float through the air like a helicopter for a short time, can create a whirlwind of hearts that damages opponents over any distances, can temporally stop an opponent for 20 seconds
Weaknesses: Hot tempered, combat ability is not as developed as either Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails, completely obsessed with Sonic. Lacks a super form of any kind, when she turns invisible, both her shadow and hammer are still visible, and she can still take damage. Using the Large Piko Piko Hammer slows down Amy's attack speed because of its immense weight.
Destructive Capacity: Multi continent level (can destroy entire battleships of Eggman's Egg Fleet in Sonic Heroes)
Range: Extended melee range with hammers, several meters with tornadoes and Rose Typhoon
Speed: Relativistic+ (can keep up with Sonic's casual speed to an extent and is a Speed-type character in Sonic Heroes)
Durability: Multi continent level
Lifting Strength: Class 10 via powerscaling (should be at least as strong as Tails, who can move and drag a 10-ton weight in Tails' Skypatrol)
Striking Strength: 
Class NJ 
Stamina: Superhuman, can run at high speeds over long distances without tiring out
Standard Equipment: Piko Piko Hammer, Long Hammer, Large Piko Piko Hammer, Warrior Feather, Tarot Cards, bombs that are wrapped as gifts that explode on contact with enemies
Intelligence: Average, skilled in reading tarot cards, experience fighting several kinds of foes such as robots and interdimensional beings. Trained in both boxercising and kickboxing.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Spin Attack: Amy spins like a ball and attacks enemies and breaks through obstacles.

- Spin Dash: Curls into a ball and charges forward at high speeds, ramming through enemies and obstacles.

- Homing Attack: Amy jumps up and attacks an enemy by homing into them.

- Spin Hammer Attack: A 360º spin attack with her hammer.

- Tornado Hammer: Amy swings her hammer so quickly, that she forms a tornado that sucks up enemies and damages them.

- Rose Typhoon: Amy jumps upward, and descends down while somersaulting to smash the ground with her hammer, creating a shockwave of pink dome-shaped energy that expands across an entire battlefield.

- Storming Heart: Amy blows a kiss and then creates a small, but concentrated whirlwind made of transparent pink hearts that ensnares her opponent, damaging them and impedes their movements.

- Amy Flash: Amy blows a kiss and her opponent becomes completely immobilized for 20 seconds.

- Gift: Amy materializes explosives wrapped up as presents which explode when an enemy comes into contact with them.

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Other: Amy's character originated from a Sonic the Hedgehog manga in where Sonic's girlfriend was named Eimi, who later was adapted into Sonic CD (Amy's debut game) and was briefly renamed "Rosy the Rascal". This profile  covers Amy in the mainstream games.