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Background Information

Helck is a completed shonen manga with 12 volumes, written and illustrated by Nanao Nanaki. 

Soon after the last Demon King was defeated, the Demon Empire started a contest to choose the next Demon King.

But the favorite contestant to win the tournament was no other than a human, The Hero Helck, whose motive to become the Demon King was to defeat his own race.

What are Helck's true motives to participate in the contest and defeat the human kingdom? It's up to one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Empire, Red Vamirio, to discover and unfold Helck's true intentions. 

Offering comedy, war, light politics and tragedy, Helck is a great series.


Standing in the Battledome

Helck is a not particularly strong verse. Magic rules the day offering various elemental abilities, regeneration (ranging from low to high-mid level), mind control, teleportation, mass ressurection, ect. 

As far as destructive capacity goes, the characters range from at least wall level+ to at least large building level+. 

Helck in his EoS version is likely at least city level+.

Speed still needs to be determined. 

Helckverse boasts thousands of demon and hero fodder with building level strength at the very least. 

They are at least easily stronger than the likes of Rurouni Kenshin.


Supporters of the Series

  • Imagine
  • Qing
  • Ramza
  • Soma Cruz

OBD Profiles


Character Profiles




Azudora Demon King Shin D. King Tooru Hyura Kenros Shunova




Alicia Augis Cless Edil Helck Human King
Mikaros Rafaed Zell      




Will of the World 


Weapon Profiles

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