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Zoids is a multi-media model-kit-based franchise originating from Japanese toy company Tomy (now Takara-Tomy); though now produced by various companies through licenses. The majority of the franchise is built around and focused on the various model kit series released, traditionally mechanically driven 1/72nd scale mecha model kits that resemble a wide range of animals and creatures. In recent years, the franchise has expanded from strictly motorized model kits to highly detailed and posable model kits, action figures and even PVC figurines. The various anime series, comics, manga books and video games all serve as tie-in media products for the franchise, to expand both consumer base and franchise recognition.

Zoids are fictional mechanical life-forms, found on the planet Zi. A Zoid is essentially a mechanical animal formed around a techno-organic 'core' (known as a "Zoid Core"), which serves as its heart and mind. The Core is considered to be 'alive', making the Zoid a living creature. Otherwise, its body is an artificial mechanical construct like any other mecha.

Zoids: Chaotic Century

Main article: Zoids: Chaotic Century

Chronically, this was the first Zoids anime series to be produced. In America, it was the second anime series to receive an English dub, after New Century, but was released in its original order in other countries. It follows Van Flyheight as he travels across Planet Zi in search of the Zoid Eve with his Organoid, Zeke, a strange girl he found, Fiona, and his Zoid, the Shield Liger. As he travels, he becomes involved in the ongoing war between the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire. On this wiki, Chaotic Century is used to refer to the first 34 episodes of the series, while Guardian Force is used to refer to episodes 35 onward.

Zoids: Guardian Force

Main article: Zoids: Guardian Force

Chronologically, this is the second half of Chaotic Century. It picks up two years after the end of Chaotic Century. These two seasons are combined into one continuous series, this wiki differentiates them for ease of navigation. The plot again revolves around Van, now a military pilot, and his work with the Guardian force, an elite team comprised of both Republican and Imperial soldiers, dedicated to maintaining cross-country peace.

Zoids: New Century

Main article: Zoids: New Century Zero

The third anime series to be produced, Zoids: New Century was the first anime series to receive an English dub. It follows Bit Cloud and his Liger Zero, as he participates in Zoid Battles with the Blitz team. This series revolves around local battles-usually held recreationally, and has only minor references to the two previous series. There is no overarching environment of war, and the antagonists are instead part of an illicit Zoid Battlegroup, the known as the Backdraft Organization.

Zoids: Fuzors

Main article: Zoids: Fuzors

The fourth anime series, Fuzors was cancelled before it finished airing in America, but was still dubbed into English, and was shown in full in other countries. It revolves around RD and his Liger Zero, and featured many Fuzor Zoids. Notably, the animation used to depict Zoids in Fuzors is remarkably different to the previous series.

Zoids: Genesis

Main article: Zoids: Genesis

The fifth anime series, Genesis has not received an English dub. It revolves around Ruuji Familon and his Murasame Liger. This series is noteworthy for the incredible change in environment from the previous series. It maintains a similar animation style to the one used in Fuzors, but is most notable for the new type of Zoid featured- the Bio Zoids. At 50 episodes, it is the longest Zoids series to be released as a single season.

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