Unlimited Gun Works


Name: Mami Tomoe
Origin: Puella Magi
Gender: Female
Classification: Magical Girl | Witch
Age: 15
Powers and Abilities:  Super speedstrengthdurability, stamina, endurance, magic and able to detect it, increased power the more she pushes her body's limit, flight, extraordinary markswoman, weapon manipulation (like all magical girls, can enhance ordinary items into magical weapons, can summon as many ribbons and guns as she wishes, controlling their position with extreme precision), ribbon manipulation (her specialty to the point Mami can morph their shape and hardness into flintlocks, cannons, lassos, set them as cuttting traps and even make copies of herself), detonate her own bullets, power sealingfire manipulation (can ignite targets), immortality (2, 6 and 7), regeneration (low-mid level) and regeneration negation (up to mid level), healing (up to mid level)telepathytelekinesis, can boost speed and power of herself and allies, extract information on target weaknesses, generate force fields and attack reflectors, , bypass force fields, portal creation, pain nullification, multiple resistances (against magical attacks, life force absorption, movement and power sealing/negation, stat weakening, illusions, paralysis, poisoning, reality warping and mind manipulation), her body is immune to soul manipulation (it's contained in her Soul Gem instead) | Same as before in addition to generating and controlling her personal "Barrier," summoning of Familiars, reality warping, curse inducement, immunity to soul manipulation (due to losing her soul already), illusion creation, invisibilityself-resurrectionreactive evolution, teleportation
Weaknesses: Failing to restore or overusing her own magical energy will turn Madoka into a Witch, instantly dies if her Soul gem is destroyed or is more than 100 meters away from her, her emotional fragility can make her reckless and causes her to lose focus when things go against her expectations | Mindless destroyer
Destructive Capacity: At least City Level+ (stronger than third timeline Madoka) | At least City level+ (should be much stronger than before)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Relativistic (much faster than Homura and Sayaka) | Relativistic+
Durability: At least town level (tougher than Homura and Sayaka) | City level+ (one of the stronger Witches)
Lifting Strength: At least several tons (can carry enormous guns) | Class 100 via sheer size
Striking Strength: Class PJ+ | At least Class PJ+
Stamina: Superhuman (one of the highest of magical girls) | Higher
Standard Equipment: 
Intelligence: Very gifted; Mami is an unparalleled fighter whose flexibility allows her to adapt on the fly, quickly deduce the most optimal way to end a fight and spot out her opponent's weaknesses quickly to an extent that she can win against characters with superior abilities to herself. Mami also possesses extensive knowledge in weapons and biology, which also come into factor for combat. | Mindless destroyer
Notable Attacks/Techniques:-

- Twin Cannons: A couple of large cannons used by Mami in each of her hands.

- Dance of the Magical Bullet: Randomly fires several rifles, similar to a danmaku attack.
- Unlimited Magic Bullet Works: Simultaneously fires and creates a multitude of rifles at once.
- Tiro: Creates a musket rifle to fire at her enemies.
- Tiro Doppietta: Fires two rifles rapidly, using her telekinesis.
- Tiro Finale: Her signature technique often using a variation of the Finisher Cannon that can be enlarged and possibly enhanced. However, using this technique temporarily lowers Mami's durability.
- Tiro Finale Train / Bombardment: An attack used in Rebellion, summons a train covered with sweets and can shoot the greatest variation of Tiro Finale.
- Tiro Volley: Fires 4 rifles at the same time, giving little time to dodge.
- Gun of Aegis: Reflects an attack directly back at an enemy.
- Absolute Territory: Creates a safe space by generating a barrier around her.
- Tocca: Attacks her enemies with ribbons, often binding her enemies preventing them from attacking at all.
- Tocca Spirale: Makes a giant drill out the ribbons, and fires off into the enemy.
- Regale: Fires off a ribbon that completely binds the enemy, even harder to get rid of than the normal Tocca.
- Regale Vastilla: Causes a massive ribbon explosion, covering and binding all the enemies near her.
- Ribbon Trap: After the destruction of a duplicate or at a whim, threads quickly ensnare the enemy leaving them unable to move and disables the use of their powers.
- Passo: Accelerates Mami and her allies.
- Weakness Analysis: Allows Mami to find out any potential weak points that the enemy may have.
- Te Pomegliano: Creates a tea that restores her health, as well as her allies.
- Flawless Legs of Gold: Kicks the enemy with the force of any of her rifles.

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Key: Magical girl | Candeloro