One of the few remaining shows worth watching on Nickelodeon.
One of the few remaining shows worth watching on Nickelodeon.

Background Information:

A classic from most of our childhood. Fairly Odd Parents is about a boy named Timmy and his fairies Cosmo and Wanda. Timmy was a ten year old who lived an average life with eccentric parents when one day he breaks open a magic ball and gets Fairies which grant his every wish as long as they follow DA RULES. From that point on it's a struggle for Timmy to keep the fact he has Fairies a secret from his family, friends, evil baby sitter and insane teacher Crocker. The quality of this series was heavily acclaimed during its time but in later times it has diminished. Still this show was far better then the crap that's today's kids are watching.

Some trolls like to wank this verse using a argument based off of only no - limits fallacies but overall it is a well accepted verse in the OBD.

Standing in the Battledome:

This verse is very powerful mostly due to the power of its fairies. By feats, Cosmo and Wanda have casual solar system level reality warping and other Jorgen von strangle stopped a bomb from going off that could take out two universes. Other characters have shown universal level reality warping powers. Contrary to what few think, Fairies can't wish themselves to be stronger then their opponents, but even without this ability the high tiers of this verse are around cube level. Besides reality warping, time travel is used a lot.

Character Profiles:

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