Definitely hotter than Farah :maybe
Definitely hotter than Farah :maybe

Name: Elika
Origin: Prince of Persia (2008 reboot)
Gender: Female
Classification: Princess of the Ahura, Priestess of Ormazd
Age: Unknown, likely in her early 20s
Powers and Abilities: Peak human stats, teleportation, forcefields, can fire magical energy blasts
Weaknesses: Overuse of her magic can exhaust her, low durability without force-fields
Destructive Capacity: Wall level+
Range: A couple of meters with magic
Speed: Peak human, agility is probably peak human+ (can keep up with the Prince), can instantly teleport short distances (probably around a couple dozen feet at most)
Durability: Average human level normally, can boost this with magical force-fields
Strength: Peak human
Stamina: Peak human+ (physical activity was never shown to tire her, although overuse of magic left her so exhausted she could barely stand)
Standard Equipment: None notable
Intelligence: High, but she is naive and lacks knowledge about the outside world
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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