Prince of Persia OBD
"I am the prince of Persia and the king of blades!" - the Prince

Name: Unknown (mainly known as The Prince)
Origin: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy
Gender: Male
Classification: Prince
Age: Never specified, likely mid-20s
Powers and Abilities: Time manipulation, teleportation, peak human abilities. Skilled swordsman, highly athletic.
Standard Equipment: Dagger of Time, Medallion of Time, Mask of The Wraith, Water Sword, and the Daggertail Whip.
Weaknesses: While wearing the Mask of the Wraith his health slowly drains and can only be refilled by absorbing the Sands of Time.
Destructive Capacity: Street level
Speed: Peak human
Durability: Peak human
Strength: Peak human
Intelligence: Some tactical ability, skilled swordsman.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:
Wall Running - The Prince is able to run horizontally on walls for a short distance.
Time Slow - Slows time.
Time Reversal - Allows the Prince to rewind time several seconds in order to undo a mistake.
Time Stop - Stops time within a certain area for about ten seconds. During this time the Prince is able to warp to attack nearby enemies

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Other: There are numerous Princes, this refers to the Sands of Time trilogy. His real name is never given, everyone refers to him as the Prince or the Prince of Persia.
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