Rogue Galaxy
A pirate's life for me.


Background Information

Rogue Galaxy is the story of Luke Skywalker as he discovers that he is a descendant of the God Emperor of Mankind. He had enough of his life of being a slave on his homeworld of Tatooine, and decides to become a part of Captain Harlock's pirate crew. Luke Skywalker is joined by the likes of Goro Majima, Zelda, Pinocchio, Jon Talbain, Jack Spicer, Furiosa, and Erik after settling down in Australia and deciding that opera was for faggots. 

They have a pet by the name of Cait Sith. Who they all hate.

As they venture across the universe being chased down by PETA because Luke Skywalker takes a liking to murdering endangered animals for sport they face down threats such as Emperor Pilaf, and Ky Kiske. That is when, out of nowhere, the mysterious stranger who saved Luke Skywalker's life long ago reappears and crushes Ky Kiske's head beneath his heel. He takes off his hood, and reveals that he is none other than Sol Badguy.

As Luke Skywalker continues to learn more about the mythical Eden; the paradise which was said to exist a long, long time ago: it is there that all would be revealed. Then Luke Skywalker fights Ky Kiske again but this time things are different. Emperor Pilaf reveals that he added something extra to Ky Kiske when he created him. It is then that Ky Kiske transforms into Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Luke Skywalker doesn't stand a chance at first but then everything changes. As Luke Skywalker is thrown into the air a voice beckons him.

"To me, my primarch."

Luke Skywalker transforms into the God Emperor of Mankind, and wrecks Ky Kiske's candy ass. 

After some more adventures Luke Skywalker meets his mother who is as you would expect Aya Brea. Aya Brea reveals that Luke Skywalker has inherited the God Emperor of Mankind's mitochondria. Not only that, but that he has inherited his soul. It would be up to Luke Skywalker to bring peace to the universe. 

It is then that Sol Badguy reappears, and reveals the he is Luke Skywalker's father. They have an emotional reunion, and then part ways once more. 

As Luke Skywalker arrives onto Eden he learns that Zelda is the daughter of Princess Serenity. The ruler of the Moon Kingdom which was more commonly known as Eden at the time. Princess Serenity beseeches Luke Skywalker, the successor of the God Emperor of Mankind, to save the Moon Kingdom. 

Luke Skywalker agrees, and his friends have his back. 

They fight the source of all malevolence in the galaxy, and it is none other than Anita Sarkeesian. Who the God Emperor of Mankind reveals was one of his subjects when the Imperium of Man still existed. Who was consumed by the corruptive powers of Chaos. 

After the God Emperor of Mankind destroys Anita Sarkeesian the fight does not end there.

Emperor Pilaf returns, and in his greed is consumed by the forces of Chaos. Emperor Pilar transforms into a giant boat, and his lackeys don't fair any better as they become a part of it.

Luke Skywalker, having gained complete mastery over the God Emperor of Mankind's mitochondria, fights and destroys the giant boat after getting some timely assistance from Princess Serenity. 

Then everybody lives happily ever after... or do they?

Zelda has to stay in the Moon Kingdom, and assume the role of a political figurehead but no one is standing by that.

"Nobody is taking my baby girl." As those words leave Captain Harlock's mouth his pirate crew wages war against the Moon Kingdom. Luke Skywalker because he wants some of that booty, and Captain Harlock because he wants his daughter back. 

This was just the beginning of another adventure. 


Standing in the Battledome

Rogue Galaxy is a fairly powerful universe. Besides mastering space travel, and the ability to somehow talk and breathe in the vacuum of outer space; there are loads of characters that can create large dimensions the size of numerous solar systems.

Such as Queen Freidias who created one the size of a galaxy, and Johanna who could create one the size of a solar system.

The characters range from being able to destroy planets to being threats to the entire galaxy.

The most powerful being Jaster Rogue, the Star King, and IIzarbella. As for the esoteric space and time manipulation is common, and so is the creation of stars and black holes. In terms of speed they range from relativistic to FTL

Anyway, for more references for what they can accomplish this thread is a good place to start.

They are much stronger than the likes of HST and they can easily rival the likes of Darkstalkers.


Supporters of the Series

  • Blade
  • Soma Cruz 


Character Profiles

  • Dorgengoa
  • Deego Aegis
  • Desert Claw
  • Ilzarbella
  • Jaster Rogue
  • Lilika Rhyza
  • Jupis Tooki McGanel
  • Johanna
  • Kisala
  • Queen Freidias
  • Seed
  • Simon Wicard
  • Steve Poccacio
  • Zegram Ghart