Disney OBD
You probably went as a kid.
Background Information:

Disney are responsible for some of the most influential cartoons of all time such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Donald Duck, and of course Mickey Mouse.

Standing in the Battledome:

The Disney universe is one that is used only occasionally in the OBD. Despite the fact that the verse is directed at children, it contains some incredibly powerful characters and objects, such as nigh omnipotent, high level reality warping characters; a fairy who has "all the power of hell" with her; Olympian gods and goddesses, titans and Hercules; superheroes and super-geniuses; a trident that can manipulate entire seas, fire lightning, and perform magic; futuristic technology, and much more.

Disney is known for often using PIS to ensure that the "good guy" will always prevail, no matter how ridiculously powerful the villains may be. Also known for its collaboration with Kingdom Hearts. Disney owns Marvel Comics, even though Marvel owns the characters, so the other studios will have to pay Marvel and therefore Disney will make a hefty profit. In 2012, Disney bought the Star Wars franchise as well, with results the OBD expected at the time.

Character Profiles:

- Jafar

Disney Properties:

Kingdom Hearts
Marvel Comics
Star Wars

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