Iria Zeiram: The Animation DVD
Zeiram is the monster in the back of the picture and Iria you can't miss.

Background Information

Iria Zeiram: the Animation is a six episode OVA series featuring Iria, a female bounty hunter. The series serves as a prequel to the original live-action film Zeiram directed by Keita Amemiya (Best known for Clocktower 3 and the director of most of the Kamen Rider movies), taking place several years earlier when Iria is still a rookie and detailing the events surrounding her first encounter with the unstoppable Zeiram. Iria also uncovers a conspiracy in the use of Zeiram as a cat's-paw by the governing entity. It's a short, quality series that's easy to get absorbed in.

Standing in the Battledome

Zeiram survived atmospheric planetfall with only minor injuries and got hit by an atomic bomb and lived. They also have high tech weapons including an anti-gravity harness, a personal forcefield, lasers, machine guns and very advanced hacking skills.

Character Profiles


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