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The War of the Worlds is a Science Fiction novel written by H.G. Wells, originally published in 1898. The plot details the experiences of the unnamed narrator who lives through the terrible invasion of the Martians while struggling to reunite with his wife. It's an extremely popular literature known to never go out of print and inspired countless authors and even scientists. The War of the Worlds is famous for being the first work to feature aliens invading the Earth.


Being a popular and greatly influential work, Wells' The War of the Worlds has numerous editions. Thankfully aside from illustration and format there's little difference between these.

The original canon is the novel itself, split into two parts:

- Book One: The Coming of the Martians
- Book Two: The Earth Under the Martians

There are also a few parts which could be connected to H.G. Well's other works. Albeit this link was never truly confirmed.

Aside from this, The War of the Worlds has countless adaptations and even more references through all fictiondom. But these make up their own separate continuity.

Standing in the Battledome

Being written before even the 20th century, The War of the Worlds is a relatively weak verse which would likely lose quickly against the modern world humanity. Their small numbers, lack of versatility, fatal weakness to terrestrial diseases and such would give them considerable issues in war. On the other hand even by modern standards the Martians possess great power. Their Heat Rays can boil water and vaporize a hole through the armor of ironclads, giving it decent large building level DC. Their constructs are also remarkably durable which is the best empathized by their cylinder pods which they arrive in, these should be capable of tanking any conventional weaponry even in modern times. The Martians also have deadly poisons (Black Smoke). It may be surprising to many but the Martians also posses aircraft, which spreads Black Smoke and can apparently fly at supersonic speeds. Speaking of which, Tripods have feats of moving with 300km/h and has the limited capability to bullet time. More interestingly, the Martians possessed an inter-planetary cannon which were used to launch these cylinders to Earth with sub-relativistic velocities. The impact of each cylinder caused small town level destruction and most likely the Martians should be able to use this for inter-planetary bombardment.

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