War of the Worlds Flying Machine
One of the few book illustrations depicting Martian aircraft.

Name: Unknown (was never actually even named, not even by the narrator)
Origin: The War of the Worlds (H.G. Wells' original novel)
Type: Martian Aircraft/Flying Machine, Scouting/Anti-Infantry Bombing Unit
In use by: Martians
Powered by: Unknown
Destructive Capacity: Unknown
Weaponry: Black Smoke Cannisters (potentially other, unknown weapons)
Range: Must drop its bombs directly beneath the target
Performance: Likely supersonic+ (disappeared from the on-lookers vision on the sky under seconds)
Terrain: Air
Durability: Unknown, likely small building level (the planes were implied to have survived intact after dropping from the sky)
Material: Unknown
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Unknown, albeit its controls are likely difficult for non-Martians to use
Operational Timeframe: Unknown
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Flight, superior durability, can drop poisonous smoke bombs on the target which kills any creature with red blood
Drawbacks: May have difficulties compared under the Earth's gravity compared to Mars. The Black Smoke is blocked by large bodies of water.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Other: Martian aircraft are almost a complete enigma in H.G. Wells' novel. They have an extremely limited appearance so their true capabilities are mostly a mystery.
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