Martian Tripod, Fighting Machine, War of the Worlds
Martian Tripod as illustrated in the 1906 French edition

Name: Tripod (to be precise the narrator described it as "monstrous tripod", also often referred as "Thing")
Origin: The War of the Worlds (H.G. Wells' original book)
Classification: Martian Warmachine
Height: About a hundred feet (~ 30 meters) when almost fully straightened
Mass: Likely a few hundred tons
Crew: A single Martian
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Unknown. Its controls are most likely difficult for any non-Martians to use.
In use by: Martians
Powered By: Unknown (the legs are apparently using artificial muscles)
Operational Timeframe: Virtually unlimited
Destructive Capacity: Wall level with its tentacle arms, small building level+ by physical ramming, large building level with the Heat Ray
Range: As far as it can see, at least 8 kilometers, the tentacles can grab objects from dozens of meters away
Performance: Faster than the eye (300+ km/h, can pass 100 yards "almost instantly", it also possess similar reactions and could evade 12-pounder cannon shells from a distance)
Terrain: Ground, waterlines (to a limited depth)
Durability: At least small building level+ (albeit the legs and the pilot window are less protected)
Material: Unknown (supposedly some sort of metal)
Lifting Strength: Class K, for the main legs, at least Class 5 for the tentacle arms
Striking Strength: Class MJ (can walk through the Shepperton Church like it was hit by a huge battering ram), at least Class KJ+ for the tentacle arms
Notable Features: All-terrain tripod walker design, super speed, strength and durability, numerous mechanical tentacle arms that can grab people or objects and even carry various weapons, cage mounted on the back to hold humans or other red-blooded beings for food, the flexible tentacle arms can position the weapons nearly anywhere around the machine, heat ray, can launch canisters of poisonous smoke that attacks blood cells and kills people quickly (effects through skin contact), spreads seeds of Red Weed on its path to gradually terraform the area
Drawbacks: Lacks CBNR protection. Destroying one leg can immobilize the machine until it's repaired. Has a relatively fragile window leading to the cockpit. Black Smoke can be blocked by water. Seems to lack sensors and can only spot targets by the pilot's own eyes.

  • Tentacle Arms x many (can grab people or objects and even carry weapons)
    • Heat Ray x 1(shaped like a camera, shoots beams of light in the invisible spectrum)
    • Black Smoke Launcher x 1-5 (it discharged cannisters containing ink-like poisonous smoke killing living beings on touch)
  • Tentacle Legs x 3 (they can be effectively also used as weapons)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Notable OBD Wins:

Notable OBD Loses:

Other: This is the Tripod, or Fighting Machine, from H.G. Well's The War of the Worlds novel. Not to be confused by the Tripods from the various adaptations or any other homages to this machine.
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