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Background Information:

Once upon a time, two worlds existed together in harmony prior to their separation as a result of a dimensional boundary that forced them apart. These were the Human World and Elemental World. This eventually lead to a well-intentioned extremist actively conspiring somewhere in Tokyo with the ambition to bring down the barrier between two worlds and reunite them as one. However, this would lead to worldwide cataclysm as a consequence of succeeding. It is up to the Maidens, people given power to communicate with divine elemental spirits called "Arcanas" to bargain power from, and save the world!

Arcana Heart is a fast paced fighting game franchise by EXAMU consisting of an all girls cast with surprisingly simple gameplay mechanics that can be quite fun and addictive. In a sense, the gameplay is something akin to a simplified Guilty Gear with greater emphasis on speed and aerial combat. So far, three flagship fighting game installments, a few remakes and spin-offs have been released while Arcana Heart 4 has been announced in 2016 to be in the making. It has also taken part in a few crossovers as well.

Standing in the Battledome:

Arcana Heart is pretty strong as far as fighting game series go as most of the relevant combatants (referred to as "Maidens") sit around island level in power and durability along with sub-relativistic+ reactions/combat speed. Then, there are divine beings in the form of Arcanas whom the Maidens are assigned to be able to call forth powers from as long they pledge to them, bolstering fighting capabilities further. Arcana Heart also holds a decent quantity of hax including transmutation, time manipulation, probability manipulation, poison manipulation, life manipulation, duplication and so on.

With this in mind, Arcana Heart is easily above the likes of Hunter x Hunter, InuYasha and Katekyo Hitman Reborn while about on par with RAVE, Nanatsu no Taizai and Holy Shonen Trinity mid tiers. Arcana Heart can reach country level to even possibly planet level if supplemented with only days of prep time on the other hand.

Supporters of the series:

- Ampchu
- DemongGodofChaos
- Jane
- Kurou
- Ratchet Man

Character Profiles:

- Angelia Avallone

- Heart Aino

- Kamui Tokinomiya

- Lieselotte Achenbach

- Mildred Avellone

- Petra Johanna Lagerkvist

- Saki Tsuzura

- Weiss


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