Miss Beamspam

Name: Aozaki Aoko, Magic Gunner, Miss Blue
Origin: TsukihimeMelty Blood, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru
Gender: Female
Classification: Human, Magician of the 5th
Age: 20s
Powers and Abilities: Super speedstrengthmagictime manipulation, can take person's period of time and then adhere it to her own, gaining increased physical and magical abilities, as well as greater experience, this can be used to resurrect someone by moving 'time of death' somewhere in the future, can rapidly shift time to change scenery, can travel through time mentally and physically, able to conceal herself from time axis for intangibility-like effect (either by sending impacting attacks to a different time, or wearing thousands of "herself" over herself), possibly temporal BFR, resistance to time manipulation (was unaffected by Dust of Osiris' time loop), can erase opposing spells (possibly via rewinding time), magical energy blasts, can enhance her strikes with magical energy, can make objects indestructible, self-hypnosis for stats amp
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Town level (Should be able to melt a large amount of ice if not for its magic resistance), possibly much higher (Arcueid's considered her potential threat and her magic is able to cause universal paradoxes, she doesn't have control over it though)
Range: At least dozens of meters
Speed: Hypersonic+, can fight on par with Servants
Durability: Superhuman
Strength: Superhuman
Stamina: Unknown, probably high
Standard Equipment: Suitcase, Magic Crest
Intelligence: Above average. Experienced at magic and magic-related phenomena. Possesses a special kind of martial arts combined with her energy blasts.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Blue: The Fifth Magic having to do with time manipulation. The full extent of it has yet to be shown. Seemingly it has something to do with the reason why Aoko can spam strong magic on regular basis despite possessing just a single magic channel. She also somehow made Shiki's glasses indestructible even to Arcueid's powers. In Melty Blood she used the remains of TATARI and the subconscious of Len to create White Len. The involvement of true magic at either case is unknown. Most of her time manipulation abilities can be read on here

- Starmine and Starbow: Aoko's magic style in combat. Admittedly she only truly excels at destruction. The magic takes shape as exploding fireworks and rotating stars since Aoko can visualize those the best. She can expel those spells from any of her limbs making them look like rocket burners.Those under Starmine category have fluid motion while Starbow modes are more fluctuating. Of course Aoko can fire classic straight blasts of magic as well or make the beams home in on a target.

- Set: Aoko places a levitating orb of magic energy in the air that acts like a proximity mine. Once the enemy got close enough, the magic orb violently blows up.

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Other: Don't be confused by her older sister, Touko.