Kallen Kouzuki
Kallen Kouzuki

Name: Kallen Kouzuki, Kallen Stadtfeld
Origin: Code Geass
Gender: Female
Classification: Human, Knightmare Frame pilot, Order of the Black Knights member
Age: 17 R1, 18 R2
Powers and Abilities: Ace Knightmare Frame pilot |
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Wall level | Building level+
Range: Melee range | Several meters
Speed: Average human | Faster than the eye+
Durability: Average human | Building level+
Strength: Average human | 20+ tons
Stamina: Large, limited energy reserves for her Knighmare Frames
Standard Equipment: Pilot Suit | Type-02 Guren Mk-II | Type-02/F1A Guren Flight Enabled Version | Type-02/F1Z Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements
Intelligence: Above Average, highly skilled pilot
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