Death Note OBD
Kira and Ryu the death God.

Background Information

Death note is a shounen suspense thriller written by Tsugumi Ohba , a possible pen name for Hiroshi Gamo, and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. It centers around Light, a young high school student who stumbles upon a supernatural note book used by pyschopomps (death gods).

The note book called a death note allows the user to kill anybody who's name is written in it. The date, actions and method of death are also controllable to a certain extent.

Light uses it to kill off criminals in hopes of making the world a better place, but the series of unexplained killings is noticed and a world famous detective going by the name of L is hired to solve the case. Lots of mind games ensue.

Standing in the Battledome

The death note comes with it's very own shinigami and set of rules of use. A human using a death note is not able to go to heaven or hell and disappears to nothing at the time of his death at the hands of the death god who previously owned the note. In the OBD Light and L are usually pitted against Batman in mind battles because of their similarities, it's like Superman vs Goku all over again, but not nearly as bad (in terms of how virulent the matchups are - in terms of being uneven, these battles might be even worse)

One rather controversial point in the OBD is whether the Death Note can affect non-humans or not. It was stated in the manga that it specifically worked on humans, but, aside from shinigami (who are obviously immune to it), humans are the only race in the Death Note universe.

Rules of the Death Note

Death Note rules
The most well known rules.

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