Shakugan no Shana
The main characters of Shakugan no Shana

Background Information

Yuji Sakai and the Flame Haze, Shana are the the two main characters of this series. Shana's mission is to protect the balance of existence.

Standing in the Battledome

In the OBD, it can be considered as broken due to the fact that some characters have the ability to stop time, create separate dimensions, revive the dead, erase one's existence, summon large god like beings, at least supersonic level of speed, and casual city busting attacks. However, it is rarely used in the OBD.

Supporters of the Series

  • ~Avant~ (THE EDGE)
  • Basilikos (The homosexual)
  • Dark Evangel (The Bad threadmaker)
  • Endless Mike (The robosexual)
  • Garv
  • God Movement
  • ~Greed~
  • Gundam Meister
  • Jet Pistol
  • Kira-cha
  • Lightning Heaven (Owner of the Valsione FC iori1)
  • Riverlia
  • Weather

Character Profiles

- Hecate
- Margery Daw
- Pheles
- Sabrac
- Seirei No Hebi Sakai Yuji
- Shana
- Sydonay
- Wilhelmina Carmel
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