Kanade Tachibana OBD
The Angel

Name: Kanade Tachibana, Angel, Tenshi
Origin: Angel Beats!
Gender: Female
Classification: Human
Age: Around 16
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, can generate blades in her hands with different shapes, barriers, can create clones of herself, can create afterimages, can attack with sound waves, immortality (Types 1, and 3)
Weaknesses: Her clones have their own personality so when she absorbs them they might take control of her, when using Distortion she cannot attack.
Destructive Capacity: Small building level (her Sonic Rotation was stated to have the power of a bomb)
Range: Melee range, several dozen meters with Howling
Speed: Faster than the eye can see+ with supersonic reactions
Durability: Superhuman, building level+ with Distortion (can tank RPG shots)
Strength: Superhuman+ (can cut through steel)
Stamina: High (got shot and didn't show traces of pain)
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Above average but quite naive
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Hand Sonic : Calls forth a single blade or a pair of blades on each hand. The blades are capable of slicing through steel or even easily dispatching Shadows. Kanade has shown variations to its form:
    • Hand Sonic [Version One] : Regular shape resembling a longsword.
    • Hand Sonic [Version Two] : A thinner, longer version than the previous, with a curved-diamond shape on its tip.
    • Hand Sonic [Version Three]: Is shaped like a traditional sai.
    • Hand Sonic [Version Four]: A variation which is shaped like a lotus flower with no edges other than, perhaps, its petals. Apparently more of a bludgeoning weapon than a slicing one. Kanade admits to have created it in her attempt to make her weapon "cuter".
    • Hand Sonic [Version Five]: Kanade's most recent variation of Hand Sonic. Is basically a pair of pincers secured on the arm by a blue gauntlet-like accessory that resembles a demon's head, horns and shape. She created this version out of Otonashi's advice to make a more ruthless image. She also once used it as a makeshift slingshot.
  • Distortion: Allows her to deflects bullets or other projectiles away using an invisible shield in front of her. The drawback of this technique is that she has to take it down should she wants to switch from defense to offense.
  • Delay: Creates a sort of afterimage for close range. It is effective in dodging melee attacks by confusing the enemy into attacking elsewhere.
  • Harmonics: Makes a clone of herself which is identical to her except the clone has blood-red eyes. Clones created through this ability has their own consciousness and has all the abilities of the original - including Harmonics itself. This ability is apparently sightly glitched, as her clones was shown to rebel against her to the extent of almost killing her.
  • Absorb: A "hidden ability" which acts as the reverse of Harmonics. It allows the reintegration of clones created through Harmonics into the original's body. This, however, poses some risks as Harmonics clones also possess their own consciousness. This ability is connected to Harmonics using a command called time wait, which is simply a wait command which delays the execution of this ability. This ability was created by Yuri as method of dealing with the Harmonics clones.
  • Overdrive: A passive ability that gives her superhuman strength.
  • Howling: Emits powerful high-frequency, high-amplitude sound-waves from crossed Hand Sonic blades, meant to make an enemy faint. Created by one of the Harmonics clones.
  • Angel Wings: Sprouts wings from her back that, while they don't enable her to fly, can be used to slow descent and let her survive drops such as jumping from the roof of a building. However, this technique seems to only be a decoration, as one of the Harmonics clones has shown the ability to jump from the rooftop to the schoolyard with ease.
  • Active: It was not specified what the skill does, it was listed as one of her programmed skills in episode 11.
  • Sonic Rotation: This unnamed technique produces a blue aura when used. Kanade produces a Version One Hand Sonic on each arm and spins rapidly, effectively destroying everything in the vicinity. It was stated to be as powerful as a bomb by Naoi, after it demolished a mass of Shadows and left a round crater in the ground.
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Other: Not to be confused with the OBDer of the same name.