Buster Keel OBD
Fairy Tail and part 1 Dragon Ball on steroids

Background Information

Buster Keel is a shonen manga about a Dragon Ape turned human named Keel (who is like Goku and a 80's Japanese delinquent that looks like Natsu), Water Demon Blue (Sasuke), and Lovie (a useful Lucy) and their weird adventures to find the 4 Instruments of God (Dragon Ball), stop the Feast of God (Toriko), and turn Keel back into a Dragon Ape.

In case you couldn't tell, the art style and story are very similar to Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball with tinges of part 1 Naruto thrown in there (although the art style is more Oda-ish like Fairy Tail), though in terms of quality it has its own style, being inspired by Journey to the West. It's filled with great battles, likable characters, interesting character development, and a sense of style reminiscent of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

It's hardly ever scanlated though, but the raws of volumes 7-10 can be found here The last two you'll have to actually buy.

Volume 8 Summary

Standing in the Battledome

As a verse, its fighters are impressive for how relatively short the manga is (around 130 Shounen Jump length chapters). You have things like Keel and Blue being faster than the eye in movement speed, and being strong enough to temporarily stop a small volcano from erupting fairly early in the series. They also easily defeat large sized monsters, and send people flying huge distances with punches and kicks on a regular basis. Some characters have good hax as well (ice breath cold enough to instantly freeze limbs, a kind of Logia Regeneration, etc.)

High and top tiers are easily hypersonic and multi city block level to town level through feats and logical powerscaling, both their casual feats and high end ones are monstrous, with them being able to throw large boulders tens of kilometers with high accuracy, or no selling town busting lasers.

God tiers like Dragon Ape Keel or Sun Eater Shiva are well into the town level range (450+ kilotons) and are hypersonic+

In terms of power they lie between Hunter x Hunter and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.

Respect Thread

Supporters of the Series

  • Blade
  • Brohan
  • Chahige
  • God Movement
  • Gomu
  • Kurou
  • Stajyun

Character Profiles

Buster Keel Guild
- Blue
- Keel
- Mippy
- Lavi Heartful
- Banpaa
- Gold
- Kurokiri
- Silver
- Toutan
Behemoth Guild
- Iwazaru
- Kikazaru
- Mizaru
- T-Ross
Adventurer's Circus
- Dakki
- Kuron
- Pai
- Cookie
- Chabuu
- Super Ninnimaru
- Master Fan
- Red Fang
- Brown Fist
- Black Shadow
The Seven

- Siva

  • Hotei
  • Ebinyansu
  • Juro
  • Rouge
  • Shamon
Great Shikyou War Veterans

- Sarah
- Shiro

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