The main cast of Persona 2: Innocent Sin
The main cast of Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Background Information:

Persona 2 is a two game duology developed by Atlus (of Shin Megami Tensei fame). A direct sequel of the first game, Revelations: Persona, the game is split into two games, Innocent Sin & Eternal Punishment.

Persona 2 is set in the fictional Japanese location of Sumaru City. The first half, Innocent Sin, stars Tatsuya Suou, a high school student attending at Seven Sisters High School along with fellow classmate and soon to be Persona user Lisa Silverman. Soon after dealing with the hijinks of later ally Eikichi Mishina, Tatsuya gets caught up in the urban legend of Master Joker, an enigmatic jester-like character who is said to grant anyone's wish at just a phone call. Failure to do so, Master Joker will steal a person's "ideal energy" and leave a person as soulless, dreamless, husks. After the eventful encounter, Tatsuya and crew is set out to solve the mystery of Master Joker which leads to a group called the Masquerade, masked group of Persona users who serve directly under Master Joker who use their powers to commit terrorist acts to fuel their own agenda and grant their master's ambition. Along with that is in Sumaru City, rumors can become true (after going through the proper channels). The rumor system as a double-edged sword leads from minor occurrences such as the school's statue of the principal coming to life to the drastic resurrection of the third Reich, and Hitler himself. Tatsuya and crew's destiny is at hand when they're caught in the crossfire of two deities' vicious experiments with humanity, as well as struggling with their own pasts quickly racing towards them every step of the way.

Eternal Punishment is set after the events of Innocent Sin. Due to things turning for the worse at the end of Innocent Sin, the previous world no longer exists, but the birth of a new world is left in it's wake. "This Side", the reset of "the Other Side" at the will of local deity Philemon. At the price of the memories of Tatsuya and company, and an ultimatum that along with their memories, everyone is barred from remembering the the events of Innocent Sin at the risk of the destruction of the world once more. The party was willing to pay that price with the exception of Tatsuya who wasn't willing to forget, and soon be able to keep his memories through shear willpower. Now he is the only one who knows anything of the Other Side and soon the events that will soon transpire. Now the spotlight is switched to Maya Amano, a happy-go-lucky magazine journalist and previous main character of Innocent Sin, now investigates the mysterious JOKER rumor, the series of bizarre murders of a mad serial killer who acts as a "kill for hire" at the request of whoever calls. No sooner Maya arrives at Seven Sisters High School, she's thrusted back to the forefront of the story again.

Standing in the Battledome:

OBD wise, Persona has incredibly strong individuals, such as the deities, Philemon, and Nyarlahotep, who are universal reality warpers. It has hax reality warping such as the rumor system where anything can become reality, which could lead to NLF territory, soul manipulation, and much more.

Character Profiles:

- Tatsuya Suou

Faction Profiles:

- The Masquerade

Weapon Profiles:

- Spear of Longinus
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