War of the Monsters
The game in a glorious nutshell.

Background Information

A 3-D fighting game developed by Incognito Entertainment (same people responsible for the gem that is Twisted Metal: Black) that's basically a love letter to kaiju and 50's scifi films. A proper and acceptable love letter that is.

The story is set in the 1950s when earth is under attack from aliens who in turn end up having their efforts crippled when scientists from across the globe develop a secret weapon that short circuit their saucers and send them careening into the planet. Unfortunately for them, whatever fuel that powers the alien's ships ends up infecting a fuckton of stuff like bugs, rocks, lava, etc granting them sentience and a ridiculous growth spurt giving us our kaiju. Of course humanity doesn't take this shit lying down and ends up building counteractive measures to said kaiju (ie Ultra V pictured above) thus kicking off the destructive majesty that is War of the Monsters.

The gameplay itself is notable for a few things such as:

  • The way you just completely fuck over entire cities from prolonged fighting, triggering volcanic eruptions or tsunamis, etc. Incognito was on fucking point with the prime time destruction.
  • The AI that has a strong sense of self-preservation as in the moment a fight stops going their way they will not fucking hesitate to turn tail and gun it for the nearest powerup leaving you possibly having to chase them throughout a damn city.
  • The 2 on 1 matchups that can only add more fire to the second point raised when you have one monster opt for a tactical retreat while the other stuns the shit out of with spearing weapons or sends you flying across the horizon with explosives (keep in mind that the 2 monsters you would fight in question were already at the other's throats before you even set foot on the field).
  • And a final boss that has 3 ways to instantly drain half your health should you get caught (and you will).

Standing in the Battledome

The verse is fairly powerful considering the setting since humanity at the time has more advanced technology than our own, with them building 4 functional mecha and repelling an alien invasion.

The average kaiju/mecha has large building level destructive capacity and durability though there's a notable exception for Robo-47 who can launch atomic missiles putting him somewhere in the multi-cityblock to low-town level range. They also have a logia-esque monster in Kineticlops who's a being of pure energy if not for the glaring eyeball.

The aliens are what you'd expect from a typical alien species from B-list movies having methods interplanetary space travel and fondness for energy weapons. Though the average member of their species is as a large as the kaiju and mecha themselves so there's that.

Supporters of the series

- Judas
- Roman55

Character Profiles

- Agamo
- Cerebulon
- Congar
- Goliath Prime
- Kineticlops
- Magmo
- Preytor
- Robo-47
- Togera
- Ultra V
- Zorgulon

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