Background Information

Arcanum is a WRPG that was made in 2001 by Troika Games. Specifically, by the same people who worked on Fallout I and Fallout II. Which is part of the reason why Arcanum takes after it so much. It was published by Sierra, and was a comercial success, being the best selling game Troika Games ever developed. It is set in the world of Arcanum, a place where both science and sorcery exists, and are at constant odds with each other. As a result they vie for dominance, and as of late technology is on the rise. After all, sorcery takes years of practice and training to master. Whereas technology can be used by anyone regardless of their dedication. The aristocratic, and elven are losing their place in society. Soon they may even be relics of the past. In this universe you can find every manner of folk: humans, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, halflings, orcs, and ogres. While sorcery is not as prevalent as it once was it is still practiced, and the most powerful sorcerers are a force to be reckoned with. 

Standing in the Battledome

Arcanum is a fairly powerful setting, where an aptitude for the natural law has the ability to reinforce the laws of physics denying everything that would disrupt them. Which make those with that inclination a nightmare for any character with supernatural, or paranormal abilities. As for the sorcerers they are just as dangerous, and the most experienced practitioners are powerful enough to reduce entire contintents to lifeless deserts... going so far as to circumvent any of the aforementioned defenses against magic. As for the variation of sorcery, and its many applications it has been separated into sixteen different colleges. The colleges each specializing in a particular field of the arcane, and how to change reality. Just as with people with an aptitude for technology, and how they reinforce reality; sorcerers, and their affinity for the abstract disrupts the laws of physics with their very existence. When the two face each other? Whichever is stronger prevails. 

The most powerful sorcerers can ravage the entire planet, and end all life on it. Such as Kerghan, and the Living One. The former of which who also likely contributed to destruction of the world in the void. The ability to manipulate time and space is not uncommon, and traversing to the land of the dead is possible for the more experienced masters of the mystic arts. In this universe death is but a minor inconvenience, and it can be undone by any necromancer of note. Arronax was even able to undo the damage he did to Vendigroth, and bring the entire continent back to life as easily as he destroyed it. 

Recently it was discovered that Arcanum's observable universe is maintained by Arcanum's population. Which are each part of their own segment or pattern which governs aspects of reality, and who are a source of infinite energy. This added context drastically changes the significance of The Living One and Kerghan the Terrible destroying the world or drastically changing the nature of how magick or technology interact. As they must compete with all other aspects in the greater pattern, and overpower them. The conflict between magick and technology is entirely the result of competing ideologies. And due to everyone unknowingly playing a part in the universe? They don't realize it's their contrary beliefs which cause this problem. Everyone has their own reality. Which is dictated by their perception and belief. Which conflicts with the personal realities of others. The universe did not even exist before sentient life did.

As a whole it is above the likes of the HST, and rivals the likes of Darkstalkers.


Supporters of the Series


  • Anomander Rake

Character Profiles

- The Living One
- Kerghan the Terrible
- Arronax
- Nasrudin

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