The Princess of Themyscira

Name: Diana of Themyscira, Diana Prince, Wonder Woman
Origin: Smallville
Gender: Female 
Classification: Greek God (more specifically a trans-dimensional being), Amazon, Princess of Themyscira, Agent of D.E.O, Member of the Justice League
Age: Likely 26 (confirmed to be older than Clark. This is also the age Steve is, which both appeared to be relatively the same age upon first meeting)
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, edurance, and durability, enhanced senses, longevity, regeneration (mid-low), skilled HtH 
Weaknesses: Cannot fly under her own power (though posesses a Pegasus, which she has used in combat), magic and beings similar to her have better odds at hurting her 
Destructive Capacity: At least solar system level (has handled a group of Yellow Lanterns on her own and can harm Monitors. Also the only person besides Clark to do any damage at all to the Omega Monitor. She was using her sword when she did)
Speed: MFTL (has matched Clark's running speed early on. Later on, fought against numerous Manhunters)
Durability: At least large star level, likely higher (despite her general skill not allowing this to be proven, she does scale to lesser characters that have taken hits from Monitors and the Omega Monitor)
Lifting Strength: Possibly Class Y 
Striking Strength: 
Class XJ, likely higher (can cut through the Omega Monitor)
Stamina: Large
Standard Equipment: Her sword and shield and her lasso
Intelligence: Highly intelligent. Diana is an extremely fast learning, along with great insight (as a tyke, she constructed a football after being described it by Steve). On the battlefield, she is an effective combatant, so much so that some of her later fights have her not suffering a single hit due to her talent in combat. Trained as a kid with her sisters.
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