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 The five heroines as of season 2

Background Information

A French magical girl series, LoliRock follows the adventures of Iris and her protectors against the evil wizard Gramorr from obtaining all of the Oracle Gems, magical items that will allow him to finish his conquest of her home world. This storyline has concluded, and it's unknown where it will go now.

The series currently has two seasons and some extra material in comics and books. You can watch both seasons of the show on Netflix (if you really want to). Though most episodes are self-contained, the lore and story-progressing episodes are enjoyable to watch if you like magical girl shows. There are also some songs if you like magical girls singing songs. These are exclusively put at the end of the episode and don't actually interfere with the episode itself. Despite being a French series, the canon for this series is actually the English version.

In case you wish to know, despite the name, the vast majority of main and supporting characters are ages 15 through 17.

Standing in the Battledome

LoliRock is a decently powerful series. By the end of the second seasons, most characters are around City-level in terms of firepower and durability; their earlier season one counterparts are more towards the Small building-level end of the spectrum. MFTL attacks are thrown around but most of the combat magic used like around the sub-relativistic levels of speed, which scale to the characters' reactions. Though their traveling speed is around peak human if they don't have the aid of any vehicle. 

Magical attacks have a wide range of effects including good hax for characters of their tier. 

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