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Lyna of Borealis


Name: Lyna
Origin: LoliRock
Gender: Female
Classification: Princess of Borealis
Age: 16
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speeddurabilitymagic, can create crystal constructs, dimensional travel, flight
Weaknesses: An Ephedian eclipse interferes with the usage of her powers
Destructive Capacity: At least Town level+, likely City level+ (is able to block attacks and fight against Mephisto and Praxina; should be stronger than base Talia and Iris, whom performed a meteor-busting feat in base)
Range: Millions of kilometers with magic, she can travel across dimensions
Speed: Superhuman speed, sub-relativistic reactions and attack speed 
Durability: At least Town level+, likely City level+(magic has speeds ranging from these levels to greatly beyond the speed of light)
Lifting Strength: Unknown
Striking Strength: Unknown
Stamina: Very high, has trained and fought many battles in her life
Standard Equipment: Ring of Borealis
Intelligence: Experienced fighter
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

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Other: This profile is based on Lyna in her magic form. She can use magic outside of this form but is notably weaker.