Jio Freed


Name: Jio Freed/Satan/Lucifer/FREEDOM
Origin: 666 Satan
Gender: Male
Classification: Biological Construct O.P.T Demon host
Age: 12 pre time-skip, 17 post time-skip
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, can use O-Parts (supernatural weapons that have special effects, ranging from drawing in water from the atmosphere to use as bullets, to electrifying enemies, and more), host to Satan who can create massive explosions, regeneration (mid), has O-parts which can attack the enemy on a spiritual level, can absorb properties, nearly any type of energy or attack with his left hand, matter manipulation (can create cages, hydrogen-based bombs, and shields), invisibility, Satan form can absorb souls, can survive in space, Satan has telepathic powers and telekinesis, likely soulfuck ability, various forms of energy projection and shapeshifting, can transfer his hatred to another, can read thoughts and see the life force and weakness of his enemies, limb extension
Weaknesses: Not fully in control of his power (when he uses his left hand Satan's conscience becomes more apparent), often has to fight Satan for control
Destructive Capacity: At least multi city block level+, at least continent level+ as Satan | At least town level+ in base (stronger than Cross, at least multi-continent level+ with Shin (after being able to control 'Freedom', was able to control Shin (a powerful high tech battleship), which had absorbed both Kabbalah (which has 10 powerful Angels) and Reverse Kabbalah (which has 10 powerful demons) and can use their abilities and powers, managed to beat/seal Satan, also able to convert data/energy at a planetary level, able to teleport his enemy into another planet)
Range: Several dozen to several hundred meters | Planetary with Shin
Speed: Faster than the eye can see, exact level unknown | Lightspeed, potentially higher (weaker characters can dodge actual beams of light)
Durability: At least multi city block level+, (likely continent level as Satan) regeneration makes him very hard to kill | At least continent level+ (Satan was the only real threat to EoS Jio)
Lifting Strength: Likely Class M+ regularly, at least Class G+ as Satan (lifted a very, very large O-part)
Striking Strength: Class MJ+ (kicked a huge turtle monster, flipping it over in the first chapter), At least Class YJ+ as Satan | At least Class YJ+
Stamina: Extremely high
Standard Equipment: Zero R, an O-part that takes the form of a boomerang and damages the enemy based on how much evil is in their souls, to an average person the blades appear very short, but to a really evil person or a demon they appear huge, up to many hundred meters across, this O-part can attack someone's soul, ignoring the durability and properties of their physical body. If the enemy isn't evil enough for this to work, he can transfer some of his own hatred to them to make them vulnerable
Intelligence: Very good battle tactician, skilled fighter, can adapt to using the terrain to his advantage, good with money, Satan used to be a brilliant scientist
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Satan's Explosion: This technique has no official name, so I just used a generic one. In Satan form, a ring of energy forms around him, and then creates a massive explosion capable of destroying everything in a 50 - kilometer radius, and can be seen from space. This attack has been calculated at over 6 gigatons of energy.

- Devil's Punishment: In Satan form, energy is gathered in front of his mouth and is released as a relatively thin yet powerful beam.

- Mark of the Beast: This is an O-part given to Jio by Satan, which is actually part of Satan's power. It appears as a mark of the number 666 on his left hand, which can absorb the powers of other O-parts as well as many different kinds of energy and attacks, which increase Jio's own power. However, whenever it is used it takes part of Jio's soul and gives more control to Satan so he can eventually escape.

- Devil Summon: Jio uses Mark of the Beast to absorb material in his surroundings, then channels it through Zero R, multiplying its power several times and uses it to attack an enemy.

- Jio Spike: Jio puts his arm through the ring on Zero, he then detaches the joints in his elbow and shoulder and rapidly rotates his arm at high speeds building up momentum and charges forward.

- Mazu Sting: Jio puts his arm through the ring on Zero and rotates it at high speed creating a powerful torrent of wind.

- Maze Impact: Jio puts his arm through the ring on Zero, he then detaches the joints in his elbow and shoulder and rapidly rotates his arm at high speeds building up momentum, but instead of charging forward, Jio releases the energy stored up as a wave.

- Echo: When Jio is using Devil Summon, he can create multiple tentacles from his hand which attack the opponent.

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Jio had some weaker O-parts earlier in the manga, which were basically just boomerangs with enhanced striking power, but these aren't usually relevant in a match unless an earlier version of Jio than the one towards the end of the manga is specified by the OP.

Key: Pre-Timeskip Jio | Post-Timeskip Jio


Pre-Timeskip Jio