Xellos Slayers

Xellos plotting something evil


Name: Xellos
Origin: Slayers
Gender: Genderless assumes a male form
Classification: Mazoku Priest, The trickster priest
Age: 1010+
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, and durability, energy manipulation, dimensional manipulation, flight, illusions (can project an image of himself which can interact with the physical world as if it were real), non-corporeal, teleportation of himself and others, shapeshifting, high level magic, regeneration (low godly), mind manipulation, soul manipulation, immortality (Types I, III, and IV), matter manipulation, forcefields, telekinesis, sound manipulation, elemental manipulation, duplication
Weaknesses: Positive emotions
Destructive Capacity: Easily Island level+ (can dish out attacks far stronger than Lina's amplified Dragon Slave standing at 11.5 gigatons)
Range: At least several hundred kilometers/cross-dimensional
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ via powerscaling
Durability: Island level+ without barriers
Strength: No notable strength feats, 2+ tons via powerscaling otherwise
Striking Strength: Class TJ via powerscaling
Stamina: Pretty much endless
Standard Equipment: His staff
Intelligence: Far above the average human and seems to always be planning ahead. Was easily able to disguise his true nature for hundreds of years until he revealed it
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Blast Bomb: A shamanistic fire spell that is stated by Lina to be more powerful than the dreaded dragon slave but limited to the material plane. Blast bomb's effect can vary from shooting hundreds of small fireballs lightning fast to creating a multidirectional fire shield which incinerates every thing it touches almost instantly.

- Cone Form: Assumes his true form which is a cone, in this form he can easily impale his victims on himself or even split into multiple smaller cones to deal with faster opponents.

- Raugnut Rushavna: (Japanese: 屍肉呪法, Kanji translation: Corpse Meat Spell Method, Romaji: raugunuto rushavuna) is a Mazoku curse that transforms a human into a giant chunk of flesh. The flesh then gains immortality, but it undergoes infinite pain and torture as snakes spawn from the flesh and eat it. The curse can only be broken by destroying the Mazoku who cast it.

The next set of spells are in runic (Mazoku don't need a somatic or verbal component to use them)

A spell that creates a protective barrier (supposedly rectangular) capable of withstanding powerful spells. You can use to imprison the target or protecting people away from the Mazoku.
A spell that creates a much more powerful explosion than a Dragon Slave.
A spell equivalent to the Blast Bomb, although it could be even more powerful. It invokes dozens of areas of light that explode on contact.

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