Short for "Character - Induced Stupidity", CIS refers to mental limits of a character that cause them to perform at below the true potential of their powers. The term is somewhat of a misnomer, since it refers to more than just stupidity - it could also refer to a character's ignorance, morals, or any other mental characteristic that limits the use of their powers.

Examples of CIS:

- Absorbing Man and The Rhino just being retards in general
- Darkseid never using his powers to the full extent
- Sho Fukamachi had trouble against Draglord since he didn't want to hurt innocents in the city
- Katara not using her blood - bending to kill people
- Superman not flying lightspeed in the atmosphere, because it would kill everyone
- Thanos' subconscious belief that he is unworthy of supreme power, which often leads him to sabotage himself
- Vegeta not killing Cell then deciding to let him to absorb Android 18 and turn into his Perfect form since he wanted a stronger opponent

CIS is usually not used in OBD matches, especially when characters are bloodlusted. However, in some situations, certain types of CIS are applicable. To use one of the above examples, if Superman is put in a match on an inhabited planet, and he is not bloodlusted, it can be assumed that he won't move lightspeed in the atmosphere.

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