Three Sacred Treasures Kid Icarus
It's a fucking golden suit of armor built to kill evil itself.

Name: Three Sacred Treasures
Origin: Kid Icarus
Type: Anti evil weapon
Powers and Abilities: The ability to reflect projectiles, immunity to Medusa's petrification, the ability to grant the user flight via the wings of pegasus, an infinite supply of light arrows that can be rapid-fired like a machine gun
Destructive Capacity: Island level (It is used to severely damage/kill Medusa and Orcos)
Wielder(s): Pit
Material or Element: Blessed metals, blessed glass (mirror shield), and light energy
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Gather all the parts.
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:

Arrow Storm!: Pit will fire off a special attack of the bow weapon to rain down thousands of arrows made of light on his opponent(s).