More hair = More limits

- Normal
- Peak Human
- Superhuman
- Low High
- Mid High
- Very High
- Superb

Stamina is a fairy easy part of vs debating. Its simply the amount of time a person is able to fight before growing tired or weakening. While important it usually doesn't play a very big role in determining the winner. However it still isn't something to forget.

Quantifying Stamina doesn't typically take much effort, as it doesn't usually require numerical values to determine. Most of the time you can simply gage it by how long a character lasts in a fight -- whether it be a short melee or a drawn out brawl.

Terrible -  A person who fails to last a single round or a few exertions before getting tired

Normal - The usual limit

Peak Human -

Superhuman -
Beyond the limitations of whats possible for a being

Low High -
Fighting for long periods before finally wearing down.

Mid High -
Lasting for the entire fight with minimal signs of weakness

Very High -
Lasting an entire fight without showing any signs at all of weakness

Superb -
Lasting several fights without ever getting weaker

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