The new strongest canon fusion


Name: Gogeta
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien/Saiya-jin (Saiyan in the English Adaptations), Fused Being
Age: A few minutes; the Metamoran Fusion Dance normally has a time limit of 30 minutes although it could end prematurely if too much energy is used up
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, skilled in martial arts, afterimage creation, flight, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin to the extent he's able to block sword attacks from a fellow Super Saiya-jin with only his finger or in the case of Goku Black's ki blade, with the back of his hand) and offensively (can shoot ki blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up entire planets), can create flashes of light to blind his opponents, telepathy, telekinesis, energy sensing, resistant to transmutation via powerscaling (is far stronger than Buu Saga and Future Trunks arc Vegeto), can transform to increase his power even further (can use his Super Saiya-jin transformations up to Super Saiya-jin Blue for a boost in all stats), the ability to teleport via his Shunkan Ido technique (can also use this technique to cross dimensions), can open dimensional rifts (his clash with Broly resulted in them shattering space-time and traveling to an alternate dimension, which they escaped from by shattering space-time again), power that increases substantially after recovering from near fatal injuries, can hear people talking whilst he's asleep, resistance towards electricity, can move in gravity hundreds of times greater than the earth's, knows all of Goku and Vegeta's abilities and techniques, resistance to soul destruction (is stronger than Super Saiya-jin Blue Evolution Vegeta who punched away several of Toppo's Hakais)
Weaknesses: The fusion's time limit, normally he has 30 minutes but it becomes less with each time he uses more power, otherwise, none notable
Destructive Capacity: Universe level+ (currently the strongest fusion, stronger than BoG Goku who shook the universe with his clash against Beerus, SSJ1 Gogeta and SSJ1 Broly shattered a dimension during their fight, he is stronger than SSJ Broly Full Power and ToP UI Goku who defeated LB Jiren)
Range: Universal
Speed: Massively FTL+ (at least quadrillions of times faster than light; far faster than post-ToP Goku, Vegeta, and Broly)
Durability: Universe level+ (much more durable than ToP UI Goku and LB Jiren, he also endured several hits from SSJ1 and SSJ Broly Full Power just fine)
Lifting Strength: At least Class M+
Striking Strength: Universe Class+
Stamina: Incredibly high, never shown to get tired or winded
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Combined knowledge and battle experiences of Goku and Vegeta
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Super Saiya-jin (Saiyan) Forms: An advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiya-jin race which increases his Base Battle-Power by 50 times, and this is proportioned to his physical attributes giving him a great and even increase in strength, ki power, speed, stamina and durability. However, without mastery of this form, much of this energy is wasted transforming and maintaining the transformation. The Super Saiya-jin form also has three additional branch states (which sacrifice speed for raw power) and is succeeded by two further transformations, Super Saiya-jin 2 (twice as strong as a regular Super Saiya-jin) and 3 (four times as strong as a Super Saiya-jin 2). There are also two god transformations. Participating in the Super Saiya-jin God Ritual will allow one to achieve the Super Saiya-jin God Form, which is temporary. With special training one can achieve a permanent god form called Super Saiya-jin Blue which uses god ki. Gogeta can use all of these transformations.

- Big Bang Kamehameha: While the move itself is unnamed in the movie, the pose he uses is similar to how Gogeta used the Big Bang Kamehameha in the non-canon material. The difference now is that the Big Bang Kamehameha that this Gogeta uses fires off multiple beams at once instead of one giant beam.

- Soul Punisher: Gogeta gathers ki into his hand that glows with a rainbow color and throws it at his opponent. He used this move against Broly but unlike in Fusion Reborn where it erased Janemba from existence, this version simply exploded on contact like a normal ki blast.

- Kamehameha: Gogeta used this move as his intended finisher against Broly before the latter was whisked away to safety.

- Unnamed Attack: Shown first in the trailer and then in the movie itself. Gogeta punches his opponent with a Ki-infused punch, trapping them in his energy. Gogeta then crosses his arms in front of him before raising them up, creating a massive column of ki that engulfs the target and results in a large explosion.

- All of Goku's techniques.

- All of Vegeta's techniques.

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: A hypothetical post-ToP Vegito would be stronger than Post-ToP Gogeta.


Super Saiya-jin 1 Gogeta


Super Saiya-jin Blue Gogeta