PIS, short for "Plot - Induced Stupidity" is a term used to refer to events in a story that contradict a character's normal capabilities for the purpose of the plot. For example, if a generally competent, intelligent villain does something stupid like not killing the hero immediately when he has the chance, and that allows the hero to win, that would be an example of PIS (if the villain was just incompetent in general, it would be CIS).


Examples of PIS:

- Black Panther subduing the Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)

- Captain America able to KO Thor

- Deathstroke defeating the JLA in Identity Crisis (DC Comics)

- The Flash not speedblitzing most of his opponents right off the bat (although it should be noted that many of his enemies can defend against it)

- Practically every time Voyager defeated the Borg in Star Trek

- Spider-Man beating Firelord (Marvel Comics) aka SMvsFL

- Shikamaru beating Hidan in Naruto

PIS is, as a rule, excluded from OBD matches. However, the problem is determining what is PIS and what isn't. It's hardly an objective science, and many people have different opinions on what qualifies as PIS. It should be noted that invoking PIS too often can lead to incredibly biased arguments, when you simply discount any feat that undermines your position, under the guise of PIS. In this case, the term IDLI, IDH ("I don't like it, it didn't happen") is more appropriate than PIS.


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