Mach 5 Speed Racer OBD

Name: Mach 5
Origin: Speed Racer
Type: Car
In use by: Speed Racer
Powered by: Gasoline
Destructive Capacity: Wall level
Durability: Street level
Material: Various metals, plastics, glass, etc.
Performance: 300+ km/hr
Weaknesses: All normal weaknesses
Terrain: All terrain, including underwater
Needed Prerequisite for Use: A high quality driver
Operational Timeframe: Several hours to several days
Weaponry: Two saws that activate with a button, a homing robot that can be piloted remotely
Weapons Range: Several meters
Special Forms:
Notable features: Jacks which can make the car jump, tires which can operate in all terrains, a bulletproof glass canopy that can be closed, special headlights
Notable Attacks/Techniques: