OBD Brawl Outskirts Battledome WrestlingThe poster for season 2.


OBD Brawl is the weekly episodic show from Outskirts Battledome Wrestling. There are nine Brawl episodes in a typical season, leading up to the OBD Odyssey season finales. As such, OBD Brawl is the place where the majority of storylines, angles, and rivalries are built. Each Brawl episode is about an hour long and premiers on the Outskirts Battledome YouTube channel on Mondays at 7 P.M. eastern standard time. Make sure you subscribe and catch the live premiers, featuring a real-time chat box!

Check back here for the latest Brawl episode. Notable developments will also be listed.

Latest Episode


OBD Brawl Arena 1

The current OBD Brawl arena, created by Darth Nihilus.

OBD Brawl arena 2


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