Outskirts Battledome Wrestling Odyssey 2

Promo art by Xadlin

OBD Odyssey 2: Beach Brawl was the second major show in Outskirts Battledome Wrestling. It took place on May 17th, 2020, at 8 PM on the OBD's YouTube Channel. It is the successor to the first OBD Odyssey event which launched the promotion.

The main show had eight matches. There were also four battle royals (men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, and women's doubles) that took place on a special episode of OBD Dark the night before - May 16th, 2020, also at 8 PM.

SOBD Championship: Goku (c) vs. Chancellor Palpatine


OBD Galaxian Championship: Thanos (c) vs. Shao Kahn - STEEL CAGE


Dark Schneider vs. Freddy Krueger - Last Man Standing match


OBD Women's Championship: Teresa of the Faint Smile (c) vs. Motoko Kusanagi


OBD Hardcore Championship: Ip Man (c) vs. Liu Kang


OBD Women's Tag Team Championship: Cersei and Daenerys (c) vs. Elsa and Anna - LADDER MATCH


OBD Tag Team Championship: Hercules and Iolaus (c) vs. Double Riders - LADDER MATCH


Jedah Dohma vs. Bane





Pre-Show on OBD Dark:

1. Lina Inverse defeated Sailor Moon, Kassandra of Sparta, Azula of the Fire Nation, Wonder Woman, the Wicked Witch of the West, Captain Marvel, and Morrigan Aenslad in a battle royal. (16:59)

2. Ryu and Ken (Street Fighters) defeated the Mario Bros., C.G. Rogues, and Outworld in a battle royal. (12:01)

3. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (Birds of Prey) defeated Outworld, Sheik and Navi, and Xena and Gabrielle in a battle royal. (13:39)

4. Pennywise defeated Yusuke Urameshi, Captain Falcon, Link, Fire Lord Ozai, Solid Snake, Shredder, and Smoke in a battle royal. (8:35)

Main card:

5. Jedah Dohma defeated Bane. (0:36)

6. Ip Man defeated Liu Kang to retain the OBD Hardcore Championship. (6:23)

7. Hercules and Iolaus defeated the Double Riders to retain the OBD Tag Team Championship. (5:09)

8. Thanos defeated Shao Kahn to retain the OBD Galaxian Championship. (8:12)

9. Elsa and Anna defeated Cersei and Daenerys to win the OBD Women's Tag Team Championship. (6:10)

10. Dark Schneider defeated Freddy Krueger (15:04)

11. Teresa defeated Motoko Kusanagi to retain the OBD Women's Championship. (4:47)

12. Darth Sidious defeated Son Goku to win the OBD Championship. (4:46)


While not as highly viewed as the original Odyssey on launch night, the show was widely praised by the OBD regulars, with universal opinion that it had been the best event yet in Outskirts Battledome Wrestling. The Thanos vs. Shao Kahn, Dark Schneider vs. Freddy Krueger, and Teresa vs. Motoko Kusanagi matches were widely praised. Jedah's debut was regarded as perfect, Elsa and Anna's win was well-received, and Darth Sidious' victory over Goku was a huge shock.