OBD Wrestling Odyssey 3

The promo poster by Xadlin.

OBD Odyssey 3: The Death Star Cruise was the third installment of the OBD Odyssey series, which act as pay per view events for Outskirts Battledome Wrestling. The event took place on August 9th, 2020, at 9:30 PM (EST), and occurred on the Death Star, as its name suggests. Every title in the promotion was defended at this event. There was also be a pre-show on OBD Dark consisting of four battle royals and a title match which took place the day before, on August 8th, 2020, at 8 PM (EST).


Main Card (August 9th)

Goku vs. Superman (30 minute iron man match)


OBD Women's Tag Team Championship: Elsa and Anna (c) vs. Asajj Ventress and Aurra Sing


OBD Hardcore Championship: Shredder (c) vs. Solid Snake vs. Yusuke Urameshi vs. Fire Lord Ozai


OBD Tag Team Championship:
Darth Maul and Savage Oppress (c) vs. Ryu and Ken


Jedah vs. Pennywise


OBD Galaxian Championship: Thanos (c) vs. Darth Vader


OBD Women's Championship:
Teresa (c) vs. Poison Ivy


OBD Championship: Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine (c) vs. Dark Schneider



Pre-Show (OBD Dark, August 8th)

7. OBD Dark Championship: Vegeta (c) vs. Shao Kahn

8. 8-Man Men's Singles Battle Royal

9. 8-Woman Women's Singles Battle Royal

10. 4-Team Men's Doubles Battle Royal

11. 4-Team Women's Doubles Battle Royal


Pre-Show on OBD Dark:

1. Fire and Fang (Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen) defeated the Godslayers (Xena and Gabrielle), Team Hyrule (Sheik/Zelda and Navi), and Outworld (Mileena and Frost) (20:09)

2. Outworld (Shang Tsung and Ermac) defeated the Tojo Clan (Kiryu Kazuma and Goro Majima), G.C. Rogues (Two-Face and the Riddler), and the Double Riders (Kamen Riders 1 and 2) (12:04)

3. Motoko Kusanagi defeated Sailor Moon, Lina Inverse, Morrigan Aensland, Azula, Captain Marvel, Cetrion, and Evil-Lyn to win the OBD Dark Women's Championship (11:45)

4. Dio Brando defeated Ip Man, Baki Hanma, Yujiro Hanma, Mamoru Takamura, Skeletor, Reptile, and Jackie Chan (12:29)

5. Vegeta and Shao Kahn fought to a double countout (4:34)

Main card:

6. Goku defeated Superman (30:00)

7. Team Frozen (Elsa and Anna) defeated the Empire (Asajj Ventress and Aurra Sing) (10:42)

8. Shredder defeated Solid Snake, Yusuke Urameshi, and Fire Lord Ozai (6:27)

9. The Empire (Darth Maul and Savage Oppress) defeated the Street Fighters (Ryu and Ken) (6:19)

10. Jedah Dohma defeated Pennywise (6:09)

11. Darth Vader defeated Thanos (4:02)

12. Teresa of the Faint Smile defeated Poison Ivy (/w Harley Quinn) (9:33)

13. Darth Sidious defeated Dark Schneider (6:50)


The show got about the same amount of viewers as the previous OBD Odyssey event, along with the general mood that it was the better show as compared to its two predecessors. Elsa and Anna's upset win was considered the surprise of the night, while Thanos' quick defeat was also a shocker. Darth Sidious' defeat of Palpatine drew notable jeers. Goku vs. Superman was considered the match of the night.