OBD Odyssey Wrestling Outworld

OBD Odyssey 9 in Outworld was the ninth installment of the OBD Odyssey series of special events for Outskirts Battledome Wrestling. A two-night event, Outworld is considered the all star game of OBD Wrestling and comes on the heels of the Color Wars, won by team blue in the men's division and team white in the women's division, with Goku and Teresa, respectively, as the overall winners.

OBD Odyssey 9 in Outworld featured six title matches, Asura's Money in the Bank briefcase defense, and two Royal Rumble matches, with the winning man and woman receiving shots at the OBD Championship and OBD Women's Championships, respectively. Outworld precedes Ragnarok, the year-end finale in OBD Wrestling, and considered its flagship show.


Night 1

1. Men's Money in the Bank Briefcase: Asura (holder) vs. Superman (challenger) - first blood match

Superman vs. Asura

2. OBD Tag Team Championship: Demon Time (Freddy Krueger and Penywise) (c) vs. Mario Bros. vs. Double Riders vs. Kenshiro and Raoh - KO battle royal

Mario Bros. vs. Pennywise and Freddy Krueger, Kenshiro and Raoh, Kamen Riders

3. OBD Women's Championship: Genocyber (c) vs. Ayane

Genocyber vs. Ayane

4. 30-Woman Royal Rumble for an OBD Women's Championship match at Ragnarok.

Night 2

1. OBD Hardcore Championship: Dark Schneider (c) vs. Scorpion vs. Darth Vader vs. Savage Oppress vs. Hercules vs. Reptile - TLC match

Dark Schneider Bastard!!

2. OBD Women's Tag Team Championship: Outer Senshi (c) vs. Birds of Prey vs. Godslayers (Xena and Gabrielle) vs. Hyrule (Zelda/Sheik and Navi) - KO battle royal

Sailor Moon vs. The Legend of Zelda

3. OBD Galaxian Championship: Shao Kahn (c) vs. Shang Tsung vs. Captain Falcon vs. Dio Brando vs. Liu Kang - Elimination Chamber

Shang Tsung vs. Shao Kahn

4. OBD Championship: Jedah Dohma (c) vs. Son Goku - BMA match

Son Goku vs. Jedah Dohma

5. 30-Man Royal Rumble for an OBD Championship match at Ragnarok.


Night 1

1. Superman defeated Asura

2. Demon Time defeated the Mario Bros, Kenshiro and Raoh, and the Double Riders

3. Genocyber defeated Ayane

4. Lina Inverse won the Royal Rumble by last eliminating Xena

Night 2

1. Dark Schneider defeated Scorpion, Hercules, Reptile, Savage Oppress, and Darth Vader

2. The Outer Senshi defeated Team Hyrule, the Godslayers, and the Birds of Prey

3. Shang Tsung defeated Shao Kahn, Luke Skywalker, Captain Falcon, Dio Brando, and Liu Kang

4. Vegeta won the Royal Rumble by last eliminating Darkseid

5. Son Goku defeated Jedah Dohma


Outworld received universal acclaim from OBD Wrestling watchers, particularly on night two. Vegeta's shocking return to the ring, where he swept 29 other Royal Rumble competitors, and Goku's sudden activation of Mastered Ultra Instinct to end Jedah's 18-month undefeated streak and win the OBD Championship, were considered back-to-back match of the year candidates. Shang Tsung's out-of-the-blue betrayal of Shao Kahn also surprised many people. Meanwhile, on night one, Ayane's loss to the Genocyber struck a lot of people right in the feels, Superman vs. Asura was considered a hot opener, and Lina Inverse's Royal Rumble win brought an eagerly anticipated rematch with the Genocyber.

Overall, Outworld became regarded as OBD Wrestling's best event to date.